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I lost my balance yesterday, my mind is really beginning to slip (overheard conversation, wharf 2, Circular Quay, Sydney 06.07.1999) Sculptural Situations by Gail Hastings, 29 March to 9 May 2007, Art Gallery of NSW

Gail Hastings, difficult art decisions: wall six 1998

"... it has been such a struggle these years to make actual space perceivable in a work of contemporary art. Though this need not mean I cannot at least try to create a space in which this might be seen; one in which we might feel, for a moment, a little less alone." - Gail Hastings

Gail Hastings' "sculptural situations" are neither installation nor sculpture but spaces where the viewer is encouraged to translate the material aspects of what can be seen with other imperceptible dimensions.

This new work, presented in the gallery's contemporary project space, consists of four sculptural situations, one of which may have us wonder where the missing walls of Walter Burley Griffin's winning 1911 plan for Canberra might be. Her project reanimates the minimalist idea of encouraging the viewer into more active participation with the work. Clues in the form of real objects, such as chairs and tables, and abstract geometric forms in two and three dimensions, create a space for the viewer to decode the intention and structure of Hastings' propositions.

Gail Hastings was born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1965. Since 1989 her sculptural situations have been included in prominent public and private exhibitions here and overseas. The work difficult art decision: wall six (1998), the second in the 'Difficult Art Decisions' series, is often re-exhibited as part of a major German contemporary art collection: in 'Geometrical Affairs' (Berlin, 2001; Stadtgalerie Kiel, 2002), 'Minimalism and After' (Berlin, 2002) and at the Museum for Contemporary Art, ZKM, (Karlsruhe, 2003). Her most recent solo exhibition was plans (Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, 2003). Since 1999 Hastings has lived and worked in Sydney.

Exhibition supported by National Capital Authority, Canberra
Level 2 AGNSW Contemporary Projects are supported by Andrew Cameron and UBS.


On view:29 March - 9 May 2007
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery Road
The Domain, Sydney
Telephone:(02) 9225 1744 or
recorded information (02) 9225 1790
Hours:10am to 5pm 7 days a week
Art After Hours every Wednesday until 9pm
Media Information and Interviews:Claire Martin
(02) 9225 1734 or 0414 437 588

IMAGE CREDIT: Gail Hastings difficult art decisions: wall six 1998, sculptural situation, Courtesy of the artist and DaimlerChrysler Contemporary collection, Berlin.