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Blood Disco
13 December 2007 - 23 March 2008
Art Gallery of New South Wales

Love2  The higher being  Blue Reflex

These surf paintings are about style: surf style, art style and the birth of cool.1
Scott Redford 2007

For his first exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Queensland artist Scott Redford presents a series of surf paintings. He adopts the materials that create surfboards to produce monochromatic paintings, some embellished with images. Dragging art history into popular culture, Redford’s new series of ‘surf’ paintings represent the visual and social culture of the Gold Coast and focus on the dissolve between high and so-called low culture. He was born and raised there and is now based in Brisbane. 

What attracts me to Surfers Paradise is that no matter what is said about it, it will always be both less and more. It will always exceed and disappoint our expectations. It is a sort of rebus or mirror. It can be projected onto and reviled. It is both beautiful and a whore. Utopia and dystopia. You get the picture. I think it’s ART.2
Redford’s AGNSW Contemporary Project, Blood disco, comprises seven large surf paintings. Redford commissioned some of Australia’s best surfboard-makers to create works manufactured in a similar way to surfboards. Made from resin and fibreglass his surf paintings often include figurative elements such as high-rises and palm trees. They play out a dialogue between two aspects of art history – Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. And in doing so, the surf paintings emphasise the idea of ritual, of art-making and wave-riding; the ritualised practice of honing your skills to experience the biggest and best wave, and the quasi-religious status of painting.

1. Artist’s statement, 2007.
2. Quoted in Brett Adlington, 'Gleaning And/Or Proposing', The content of these paintings is secret known only to the people of Surfers Paradise: Scott Redford and the Gold Coast, Gold Coast City Gallery, 2005.

Level 2 AGNSW Contemporary Projects are supported by Andrew Cameron
Contemporary art with UBS
On view:13 December 2007 to 23 March 2008
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery Road, The Domain
Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone:(02) 9225 1744
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1800 679 278 National toll-free
Hours:Open 7 days 10am until 5pm
Open until 9pm every Wednesday for Art After Hours
Media Information and Interviews:Claire Martin
(02) 9225 1734 or 0414 437 588

IMAGE CREDIT: Scott Redford, Surf painting/dark grey LOVE (Xmas tree) 2007, fibreglass and resin over painted foam, 241 x 60 cm Surf painting/the higher being command paint palm trees instead 2007 fibreglass and resin over painted foam with stickers,120 x 80 cm. Surf painting/blue reflex (after Ian Burn), 2007, fibreglass and resin over painted foam, 90.5 x 60 cm. All images courtesy the artist, Criterion Gallery, Hobart, Gould Galleries, Melbourne, Jan Manton Art, Brisbane, and Breenspace, Sydney.